Previous Experience/Projects

Being a freelance, Mrs. Circolone's linguistic and consultation services are provided to numerous clients.

A partial list of her projects/clients includes:

Political, Military and International Affairs: Global Connections (USA), Stratcore AB (Sweden).

Legal: Rescribe Inc. (USA), Rosetta Stone & Associates, Inc. (USA), First Translation Company (USA), Pegasus Translations, Inc. (USA), Greenfield Stein & Senior, LLP. (USA), Multilingual Communication Services, LLC. (USA), The Global Word, Inc. (USA), New World Language Services Inc. (USA), KERN Corporation (USA), US Translation Company (USA), Latitude 48 Translation (USA), KWIntessential Ltd.(UK), Unistaff Translations Ltd. (Ireland), Technovate (Canada), EXPRESS LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS (USA).

Literary: East Coast Distributors (USA), WordZone Inc. (USA), Gibraltar Translation Services (Gibraltar), AccuWorld, Inc. (USA), AccessLanguage (USA), Juriscribe® (USA), Attorney Translation Services, LLC. (USA), Ultra Translate (USA), Messianic Scribal Arts (USA), LinguaLinx, Inc. (USA).

Online Translation: Foreign Exchange Translations Inc. (USA), WordZone Inc. (USA).

Business: MCC Corporation (USA), Echo International (USA), Global Communications LLC. (USA), Foreign Language Services Inc. (USA), CTS Language Link (USA), Okada & Sellin Translations LLC (USA), The Global Word, Inc. (USA), Global Languages & Cultures (USA), MultiLingua Communications, Inc. (USA), AccessLanguage (USA), Language Connections (USA), Epsilon Translation (Malaysia), Globalization Group, Inc. (USA), AmeroLink, Inc. (USA),  Comms Multilingual Ltd. (UK).

Health Care: CTS Language Link (USA), Okada & Sellin Translations LLC (USA), Dora Wirth Translations (UK), GlobaLink Translations, Ltd. (Canada), Worldwide Translations, Inc (USA), Smallworld Translation Services Ltd. (UK), Around the World (USA), Accuphrase, LLC. (USA), Targem Translations (USA), NOVA Translations L:td. (Spain).

Education: University of Leicester (UK), FIS, Inc. (USA), The Aktuel Translation Group (UK), Comms Multilingual Ltd. (UK).

Insurance: Aplin Translation Services (UK), Commercial Translation Centre (Ireland).

Software Localization/Translation: Choice Language Services (UK), QTranslation, Ltd. (Thailand), Richard Schneider Enterprises Inc. (USA), WeLocalize (USA), Commercial Translation Centre (Ireland), Ultra Localization Services (Taiwan).

Computer Games Localization/Translation: Game Localization Network (Ireland), T-Recs Studios (Germany), Native Prime (Spain), Keywords International (UK), Loki (Estonia).

Subtitling: Blue105 Inc. (USA), Lucchessi Translations & Voice Overs Ltd. (UK), Chamness Relocation Services, Inc. (USA), Take 1 Transcription (UK).

Desktop Publishing: MultiLingua Communications, Inc. (USA), Gibraltar Translation Services (Gibraltar), AccuWorld, Inc. (USA).

Website Localization: EDIT (France), HyperWallet (Canada), WeLocalize (USA).

Technical Manuals & Booklets: Petra Company (Japan), The ComWell Group (USA).

Voice Over: Global Edge Solutions

Consecutive Interpretation: (Medical, Legal, General, Business, Insurance): Language Services Associates (USA) 11/2000-present; Gilbert Municipal Court (USA)  10/2007-present.



As a matter of professional ethics, all documentation received is treated as strictly confidential.