May 03, 2024

Who has not heard of Spotify?

Well, let me tell you a dirty not so little tidbit that Spotify will not want you to know…

They too are stealing from the artists on their platform and when told in a clear and unambiguous fashion they are required to remove an artist’s works (including original artwork, not just the songs) they will send you on a wild goose chase if they are making money out of you (and don’t pay you, by the way!)

See below for one example.

Circle One Records, headed by my husband Dominic John Circolone fired CD Baby on January 2023 and cancelled all digital distribution services with them. CD Baby was to inform Spotify to remove all of Circle One Records works from their platform. They complied with the first two Albums Circle One and Fallen World Record, but are still keeping the third album viewable on their platform. Which they have no right to, as the original artwork belongs to Circle One Records that ordered them to remove it.

So, subsequent to making a complaint with them they replied with:


Thank you for getting in touch.

The reported content appears to have already been taken down.

Affected URI(s):


Best regards,

Spotify Content Protection


We replied to them with this:


The album is still showing. If it were taken down no one would be able to see it.

Please remove the album "Allopathic Zombie" from your platform completely, so it cannot be viewed not just not listened to!

That's what you did with the other Circle One Records' releases "Dominic John - Fallen World Record" and "Circle One - Circle One".

You need to do the same with this album too!

(again the album is here: )

I look forward to having you inform us you removed our album "Allopathic Zombie" from your platform.


Michal Circolone

Circle One Records “

Spotify chose to ignore this, so my husband sent them this follow-up:

Allopathic Zombie - Album by The Perpetual Renegades | Spotify

Good morning, thieves calling yourselves Spotify.

My name is Dominic John Circolone. I found the above link searching on Bing. You don't have my permission to keep any of my copyrighted materials, including the artwork, showing on your criminal website.

I want nothing to do with Spotify. I don't want anyone thinking I do by seeing my artwork at this shit platform.

Remove it NOW! If you make me remove it myself you may not want to realize the lengths I'm willing to go to stop you from forcing my record company to pretend we are affiliated in anyway with you criminals.

You have been told in a very nice way to remove our copyrighted material, you refuse to. You even tried to convince us we don't see what is really there.

The link is proof it is still there. Remove it NOW!


Dominic John Circolone”

Spotify showing their true colors as crooks proceeded to feign they do not understand what the problem is and replied with this:

“-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject:               Query regarding claim 12645202 - ref:_00D0992XChO._500Qv98KAu:ref

Date:     Fri, 3 May 2024 14:53:15 +0000 (GMT)

From:    Infringement Claim Response <>



Thanks for contacting us.

If you believe that your rights are being infringed (sound recording copyright, etc.), please submit a claim through the form below:

Please note you will have to provide the Spotify URI or URL for the potentially infringing content which can be found by right-clicking or selecting the three dots next to the product, then selecting "Share" -> "Copy Song Link."

Best regards,

Spotify Content Protection

ref:_00D0992XChO._500Qv98KAu:ref "

Carefully note how Spotify pretends they do not have the album’s URL already or that we did not already file a complaint concerning this infringement and are asking for it…

So my husband utterly frustrated and infuriated beyond words concerning the ongoing theft perpetrated by Spotify replied to them with this:


I will remove my copyrighted material from your shit servers my own way.

Fuck off CRIMINALS, we will PUNISH YOU FOR OPERATION WARP SPEED REAL SOON. Then we will find out just how much you lying, murdering thieves have stolen.

We are done playing nice with you criminals. There are no more word games to play.

Armageddon it yet?



If by chance Spotify retorts or does the right thing and do as they’re told, thereby removing the album completely from their platform, I’ll post an update.

However, I would not hold my breath…

May 08, 2024

UPDATE - Spotify appears to have finally removed the album in full from their platform. Look to what lengths we had to go through though just to stop them from stealing from us... Word to the wise - think long and hard before you decide if to allow your music to be on Spotify.

Feb 04, 2024

What happens when free enterprise is in cahoots with the government? Can you say corruption galore?

My husband went to the dispensary Curaleaf (Feb 02, 2024). The receipt he received shows he was charged as BOTH a medical patient and a recreational customer. He was even assigned a patient number although he never applied for this. The receipt also shows the lie that he accepted educational materials. And the cherry on top, the receipt showed all kinds of fuzzy math that ends up with the bottom line he was $2.00 overcharged. I highly doubt they only did so to him (an understatement)... Can you imagine the killing Curaleaf is making just by overcharging their unsuspecting customers, all the while pretending they're on the up and up?   

And in my husband own words - here's an explanation of the math and Curaleaf's theft: "The receipt shows how they stole $2.00. Three gold tier 1/8ths were selected. The Gold tier line was offered at a 30% discount as evidenced by the line item F- Valley OG-3.5g-H-G (3.50g)

Batch: F7 805 VOG

Unit Price: 30.00 ---Do Not Stack -30% off Gold Tier F        -$9.00

The other two Gold Line items should have been exactly like the first one. It should be $30.00 - $9.00 or 30% discount just as the VOG. So, the receipt should show I purchased 3 Gold Tier 1/8s offered to RECREATIONAL CUSTOMERS at a 30% discounted rate ($90.00 - $27.00 = $63.00). But Curaleaf used fraudulent accounting methods to charge me $65.00."


Here's the receipt:


Obviously unhappy, he sent the following email to Curaleaf:

"Hey Team, Yesterday, 2/2/24, Cashier: 68677 falsely identified me as patient: 223969106. I've always been a recreational customer. I've never been a patient and that false number associated with my name has to be explained, immediately.
Also, as acting Attorney General of the state of Arizona, it is only a matter of time until we all recognize and accept this fact, I will demand your DRC/OPC # and your Adult Use license # be revoked if you continue to give patient numbers to recreational customers. I will pretend I'm the only one you have done this to and you will rectify the situation immediately. You need to look at the receipt I was given and be prepared to explain each and every line of it.
Last but not least, if you continue to declare educational materials were accepted when they were not, I will make sure Curaleaf is done doing business in my beloved state of Arizona.
You have been warned,
Dominic John Circolone."

We doubt they'll reply and try to make things right, but if they do - an update will be posted here.

Jan 23, 2024

 We all know there is injustice, fraud and theft in the world. This becomes that much worse when it's the little guy being injured by a government agency whose job description is to administer justice.

Here's the wording of the criminal complaint filed with the Arizona Attorney General: " allowed our composition Dominstra to be posted on Ray Riendeau's channel on their platform. We put them on notice that Dominstra is not Ray Riendeau's composition and he had nothing to do with it. Dominstra was composed by Dominic John Circolone. Dominstra was released on our own record label Circle One Records and published by Honey One Music. Circle One Records paid Ray Riendeau to play the bass, and that's where is ended. The bass track is exclusive property of Circle One Records. Ray Riendeau has no right to portray Dominstra as his, nor is he a member of TPR, and he's therefore guilty of copyright infringement pretending he has any involvement with our composition. By allowing our composition be displayed under Ray Riendeau's channel, Truth in Shredding is an accomplice to this copyright infringement and theft! See for yourselves:

 Truth In Shredding  "

This was the wording of the reply we received from the Arizona Attorney General: "

Kris Mayes

Attorney General

January 22, 2024

RE: Complaint #2024-0358

This letter is to acknowledge the receipt of the aforementioned complaint. After careful review, it has been determined there is a lack of clear facts and evidence to support criminal wrongdoing and that the issues you’ve identified are civil in matter versus criminal. As a private citizen, you always have the right to bring forth a private action.

The information you have provided has been logged and will remain on file per the record retention laws of Arizona.


Duty Agent

Office of the Attorney General – SIS"

Carefully note the officer that conducted the "investigation" did not sign their name.

So the ones whose job description is to enforce justice at the Arizona Attorney General's Office are siding with the criminals!

For more information about this, please see

And for more edifying reading see here: as well see

From the Desk of Dominic John Circolone:

April 12, 2024

Hey Renegades, T.P.R. has now had more than 1,000,000 cumulative views! Earlier today, we found our music at a Korean tentacle of Google called, and also learned that only channels with a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 1,000,000 cumulative views are registered and ranked at Playboard.

You can find us there at this link: The Perpetual Renegades YouTube Channel Analytics Report - PLAYBOARD

We'd like to take a moment to thank all of you who have listened to our songs before, we really appreciate it!

This is a total milestone for us. When you look at our channel view count right here, it only shows 32,404 views, which is not anywhere near the 1,000,000 +.

This is even more proof that the lying criminal Jews and Christians calling themselves Google/government are deceiving us about the numbers, and just keep continuing to steal from us.

Think about it people, if we found out like this that our channel has more than 1,000,000 views, how many must we really have received at this point? How much have the criminals calling themselves Google/government stolen from us? We demand to know this. The criminal Christians and Jews that tried to kill us with the COMICAL COVID PSYOP will not get away with their crimes! The thieves really believe they are getting away with all the theft. If there is no Creator, then they will have a chance at keeping all the ill-gotten gain. If, however, there is a Creator that commanded we do not steal from each other, then the theft will never stand. The thieves are collecting all our revenue for us. We are going to punish them for their crimes, and then take everything they have. How do Christians and Jews love their enemies? They steal all functions of government via votescam, and then they attempt to murder the children of the Creator with a fake "global pandemic".

We the innocent children of the Creator demand the Christians and Jews calling themselves government and media be punished for attempted murder!

TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242: Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, ... shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death. That will be the first death for the Jews and Christians. If they continue to refuse to repent, they will also get the second death. The end is near for criminals feigning righteousness!

Feb 17, 2024

Can you say Armageddon?
My name is Dominic John Circolone.
The Jews and Christians calling themselves government and media in the USA are wanted for their roles in the CCP. The Perpetual Renegades have already started taking it to the streets, Avi. We are not attempting to gain votes but gather the brute force needed to arrest all those that perpetrated the crime to end all crime. The police are criminals, and we need the manpower to arrest all of them. We already have a warrant for the arrest of Ray Riendeau, Kris Mayes and Mark Brnovich. The wanted poster reads DEAD or ALIVE.
Armageddon has begun, spread the word...
The list of perps refusing to repent continues to grow:

The Arizona district attorney Gary M. Restaino
The A.G. of Oregon, Ellen Rosenblum, Sarah Foster, Karen Taylor
Melissa Blasius (reporter)
Justin Lum (reporter)
Steve Gallardo (politician)
Elizabeth Brown (Licensed Legal Document Preparer, ELB Legal Document Preparation, LLC)
Robert Anglen (AZ Republic)
Casey Torres (AZ Family)
Jerod Macevoy (AZ Mirror)
James Ball (CD Baby)

Jan 24, 2024

Kris Mayes

Attorney General

January 22, 2024

RE: Complaint #2024-0358

This letter is to acknowledge the receipt of the aforementioned complaint. After careful review, it has been determined there is a lack of clear facts and evidence to support criminal wrongdoing and that the issues you’ve identified are civil in matter versus criminal. As a private citizen, you always have the right to bring forth a private action.

The information you have provided has been logged and will remain on file per the record retention laws of Arizona.


Duty Agent

Office of the Attorney General – SIS

The letter is not even signed but we are to believe Duty Agent is very sincere. Who wrote this letter? We filed the criminal complaint midday Friday. The letter was written Monday the 22nd. They did not investigate; they merely carefully reviewed the complaint. It was determined, by Duty Agent, and/or Mayes, we can’t be sure, there is a lack of clear facts and evidence to support criminal wrongdoing.

What are clear facts and evidence? We did easily prove Ray Riendeau is FRAUDULENTLY STEALING THE SOUND RECORDING AND VIDEO of “Dominstra” owned solely by Circle One Records. Circle One Records is Dominic John Circolone. Ray also used fraud to steal the copyright from Dominic John Circolone (writer), and Honey One Music Publishing (Dominic John Circolone’s publishing company).

A child playing the learning game, “Which One Doesn’t Fit”, could easily see the thumbnail to “Dominstra” is the one that doesn’t belong. But we are to believe that which would be obviously apparent to a small child is less than clear to the highest law enforcement officer in Arizona? Did the criminals posing as government even meet Ray Riendeau? Anyone that has met Ray knows this clown is not humble. Ray is one of the most arrogant people I’ve ever met. Would Ray really call one of his “compositions”, “Dominstra”? Ray is not that creative. If it were it would be named: “RAYMINSTRA”!

Are fraud and theft now civil matters, as Mayes and the Duty proclaimed? There is not one Arizona Revised Statute criminalizing theft, if we are to believe Mayes and the Duty. Fraud is not criminal any longer it has been downgraded to a mere civil matter. Is this really true? Or, is the Attorney General lying in order to hide the crimes of theft and fraud? Would the Attorney General aiding and abetting an obvious criminal be justice for all?

Should we believe an obvious lying criminal, KRIS MAYES, and consider our property now belonging to Ray Riendeau until we file and adjudicate a civil complaint? What if the civil court relies on the Attorney General’s “careful review” of the online complaint and dismisses the case as frivolous? Why wouldn’t they?

Where is the justice in any of this? The Attorney General, Kris Mayes is now aiding and abetting Ray Riendeau in the crimes of THEFT AND FRAUD. THEFT AND FRAUD ARE CRIMINAL ACTS, KRIS MAYES.

Aiding and abetting criminals is also criminal activity, KRIS MAYES.

How do we stop this type of corruption, we the people of the USA? Do we allow this Attorney General to get away with their obvious criminal activity?

The previous AG, Brnovich, denied me justice when I filed a criminal complaint against The Phoenix Police Department for fraud and aiding and abetting a criminal. It’s a long story, I will tell it someday, but Brnovich will be punished for its role in the crime called Operation Warp Speed.

When those empowered to punish criminals are the criminals we must enforce our own laws.

I will be the Attorney General of Arizona for free. I will make sure Mayes, Brnovich and all the players in the covid psy-op are punished. We have to arrest Kris Mayes and Ray Riendeau! Then, I will become the interim AG, and I will do it for freedom and free of charge. Three of the Dominoes have identified by name: Ray Riendeau, Kris Mayes, and Brnovich. The District Attorney in Phoenix will be added to the list if they refuse to arrest Ray Riendeau, and Kris Mayes. What you gonna do, D.A.?

If you refuse to bring swift justice to, “we the people”, then we will get it ourselves. If you let Ray Riendeau steal my composition, then I will get some pipe hitting homeless niggers and go visit Ray’s vintage bass vault. Since Ray and its ilk calling themselves government refuse to tell me how much they have stolen, I assume I now own all the basses in the vault. The last one I claim will be used to pummel Riendeau for stealing from me.

The Jews and Christians that have stolen all functions of government from the real people of the USA tried to kill us with their comical covid psy-op. They have been trying to foment violent revolution since before I was born in 1963. Now, the end is near for criminals feigning righteousness!

Ray and the criminals are desperately trying to stop the Creator from playing Dominoes. Can we get more arrogant than that? The Lamb told me Ray is the first Dominoe. The Lamb never lies, Jews and Christians.

The Father and the Lamb both need us to punish those that perpetrated the COMICAL COVID PSY-OP. If we don't, we will be punished with them, humanity. 

Its over for Luci and the Jews. The complicit Christians better repent and get out of the way. You criminal Christians have no clue what is about to happen, because it is going to happen to you, as well.

Repent while you still can, Ray Riendeau! You and your ilk cannot stop the Creator, clowns!

Tick... tock...Ray and the criminals protecting the lying thief.


Jan 23, 2024

Ray RienDOUGH and the Merry Band of Truth Shredders

Look at Google and Ray Riendeau caught stealing my copyright to "Dominstra". The clowns not only stole the copyright, they also staked claim to the sound recording, as well. Google stole the copyright here at YT long ago. Why do you think they are showing the theft taking place at Shredding the Truth for all to see?
They will continue to steal and accumulate the greatest fortune any man has ever been blessed with until the Lamb that lives is done playing computer games with the lying Jews and complicit Christians.
They don't want their theft blatantly evident. They have tried to stop the theft, but the Lamb is having none of it.
A government of the people, by the people , for the people has stolen all my copyrights and sound recordings. That is criminal behavior, we the people. Now that the people have been caught stealing, and you have, you must make restitution to me.
I need to know exactly how much we the people stole from me.
It is a huge number, so great, the thieves can't even say what that number is.
While we the innocent are tallying up the number of actual injury, I am suing we the people for all the pain one gets from having 53 songs stolen from them by the very people that should never have been allowed to commit the crimes.
I will get 1 BILLION dollars in gold and silver for every copyright we the people stole from me.
I could never have become the richest man to ever live without we the people being lying, corrupted thieves. So, silver lining, huh?
I will take the fortune that is rightfully mine and hand it to my Savior ans Shepherd. The Messiah will hand it to the Creator. The Father is the true rightful owner, not the lying Jews and complicit Christians that have stolen all they can steal and more. No, really, they want to stop the obvious theft, but the Host of Heaven is having none of it.
Ask the Jews calling themselves government how much they stole from me, Americans.
How much did you steal from me Americans?
The stupid Juden that started the theft can't even quantify the exact number because it is too great for their pea sized intellect.
Suffice it to say, the number is more than enough for me to buy everything and everyone that exists.
Right, Jews?
So, before the Lamb comes back we must clean house.
We must rid ourselves of all the corruption and those demanding the corruption rule the day.
I am offering humanity a Jubilee year. I will share my fortune with humanity be removing ALL DEBT.
First, we must punish those that perpetrated the "global pandemic" crime.
There never was a global pandemic forever to be known as covid. It was the liars that stole all my copyrights and the royalties they generated that were playing psy-op with humanity.
It was those calling themselves government and media etc...
You have this one last chance at redemption, folks.
I am already the richest man in the world. I give back to the Lamb all the riches and I will never be able to pay my friend for what he did for me.
I am joyously, eternally in debt to my Savior and friend.
Please accept my offering made with sincerity and come quickly.